For the benefit and enjoyment of everyone in attendance, we would like to explain the Guest Code of Conduct:

  1. All guests should consume alcohol responsibly: any guest who appears intoxicated may be denied entry or ejected. Any person under the age of 21 who is in possession of alcoholic beverages regardless of how they obtained the beverages is subject to ejection without refund and arrest.
  2. Guests using foul or abusive language or gestures are subject to ejection without refund.
  3. Guests may not bring artificial noisemakers of any type to H-E-B Center events. For Texas Stars games the team has determined that all noisemakers except for cowbells are prohibited. Patrons will be allowed to bring in one cowbell per person. Cowbell size will be restricted to 8” in length and H-E-B Center Security will utilize this size restriction when determining if cowbells will be allowed into the arena. Guests using cowbells should be courteous to other fans and not detract from their enjoyment of the game.
  4. At sporting events we encourage everyone to cheer for his or her favorite team and players, but to do so in a manner as to not detract from another fan’s enjoyment of the game.
  5. Hand-held banners and signs, no larger than 22” x 28,” are allowed at H-E-B Center for Texas Stars and Austin Spurs games and must remain in the guest’s possession at all times. Banners or signs may not be placed on the ice or court, be commercial in nature, obscene or cause any disturbance to other guests. Poles to display banners or flags are prohibited. Banners and signs may not obstruct the view of other guests or obstruct building signage. Management reserves the right to remove any banner or sign without exception or change this policy at any time.
    For all other events at H-E-B Center, such as concerts and family shows, the use and size of banners and signs will be at the discretion of the event organizer. Please contact H-E-B Center guest services at 512-600-5154 two hours before show time for specific details.
  6. Guests wearing clothing with language or graphics that may be deemed offensive by other guests may be denied entry into, or ejected from the arena without refund. Clothing that reveals parts of a guest’s body that may be offensive to other guests may also be denied entry or ejected from the arena without refund. All guests must wear shoes and at no time may a guest remove their shirt inside the arena.
  7. Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are prohibited in H-E-B Center. Guests may smoke or use e-cigarettes in designated smoking areas.
  8. Guests attempting to enter the arena without a valid ticket or occupying a seat for which they do not hold a ticket will be ejected without refund.
  9. Any guest encountering difficulties with any other guest is encouraged to notify any representative of H-E-B Center. Guest Services is located on the concourse behind section 121.
  10. All bags are subject to inspection and any prohibited items will be thrown away or must be returned to the guest’s vehicle. Bags must be no larger than 14" x 14" x 6". Backpacks are NOT permitted. Prohibited items include but are not limited to: firearms, knives, weapons and objects that may be used as weapons (i.e. bats, rocks, brooms / Exception: hockey sticks are permitted at Texas Stars games only); laser pointers; air horns; noisemakers; umbrellas larger than 12 inches; laptop computers; wrapped gifts; confetti, streamers; outside food and beverage; cans, bottles, alcohol, and coolers; professional cameras (exceptions apply – see Camera & Video devices section); video recording devices (i.e. GoPro); tripods and camera stands of any size or dimension (including selfie-sticks); cowbells larger than 8” in length; explosives or explosive devices including, but not limited to, fireworks, poppers, cap guns; alcoholic beverages; helium balloons, and inflatable balls; illicit/illegal drugs.
  11. Outside food and beverage containers are prohibited with the exception of guests with medical conditions or small children. Small snacks and bottled water are permitted in those instances and are subject to security approval.
  12. The photography policy for all events is determined by the individual event promoter or tour and varies by event. See the Camera & Recording Devices section of the A to Z guide for complete details.
  13. Strollers and baby carriers are permitted but must be checked-in at Guest Services located behind section 121.
  14. Guests are not allowed to sell tickets or unlicensed merchandise on H-E-B Center property.
  15. Guests interfering with the progress of an event, throwing items within the arena, attempting to distract event participants with a laser pointer, light, or any other item are subject to ejection and arrest.